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"Believe in the impossible!"

​I studied sports science and psychology in Bern. In 2019 I completed my Bachelor's degree with success.

I give inspiring speeches and do not tell only of my successes, but let you as a participant behind the scenes of my sports history look. I will take you with me to the impressive world of sports and show you how you can personally professional and private everyday life with different be able to bypass topics. Openly, honestly, with I like to give information with humour and a lot of courage to face life from my experience further.

Petra Klingler am Vorträge und Referate halten


The individual presentations last 20-60 minutes and can be booked in German, French or English. You can choose individual topics or combine several. Appointments can be made at  and fee information is available upon personal request.

Difference between desire and goal

1. set and achieve goals

The differentiation alone is not easy: Hege do I have a wish or do I want to achieve a goal? A Desire is a desire, a kind of hope. A goal on the other hand, a point, place or result is that wants to achieve. In order to achieve this goal, we are aligning our We consciously act accordingly. Goals are an important component in sport, but also in personal everyday life.

"During this lecture I will show you how to set and achieve realistic goals".

Thoughts influence our actions

2. dealing with setbacks

Those who set themselves goals run the risk of failing. On the way to achieving your goals, setbacks are part of it. If you take the time to find out the cause of a setback, negative thoughts can be replaced by positive ones. The mental handling of a situation can decide whether we can reach the goal.

"How do they reflect and transform setbacks into positive energy".


Effects on performance

3. nutrition


Our nutrition has a direct influence on our performance. It is comparable to the petrol for a car. If we fill up the wrong type of petrol, the car stops. Therefore a correct and individual nutrition is essential. Not only the body and skeletal muscles need valuable energy sources, they are also important for the brain. Nutrition also has a major influence on our mental and emotional health in sports as well as in our everyday working life.


"During this lecture I will show you how you can increase your performance with a healthy and balanced diet".

Keeping an eye on the essentials

4. motivation and Mental Training

Everybody knows the days when one prefers to spend would like to stay in bed. To achieve goals and Making dreams come true requires discipline. Often must temporarily give up certain things will be. With sufficient motivation, we take gladly accept these waivers.


"During this lecture I will show you possibilities on how to maintain the necessary motivation and not lose focus on the essentials".

The importance of self-confidence

5. women and sport

Self-confidence means, as the word already says "to trust yourself". To rely on one's own strengths and skills. But this trust you have to work for it, just like any other person. Self-confidence can be gained through various influences are lost and must be regained will be.

"During this lecture, I will reveal to you little Tips and tricks on how to deal with low self-esteem or regain lost self-confidence".

Maintaining balance

6. the organization of sport, study and work

A full daily schedule can trigger stress in everyday life or serve as a source of energy. The art is to achieve and maintain a state of balance. With various orga-nizational means, motivation and energy supply, it is possible to we bring body and soul into harmony and achieve top performance.

"During this lecture I will show you possibilities on how to successfully manage stressful stages of life be able to coordinate and get through".

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