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Olympia was a mental challenge. But now on to chasing my next dream competing at a home world championship.
SEE YOU Bern 2023 


"There are times of struggle and times of triumph - and you can't always choose when to jump from one to the next"


A week after my performance at the Tokyo Olympics, I'm still struggling with my disappointment. But I know that I will overcome this challenge as well.


Reading Kate Courney's statement about her experience at the Olympics, I could empathize with her. However, the longer I work on this text, I realize that many of the feelings are already easing.


"The brighter the spotlight, the stronger the darkness that lies in its shadow. As I return home from my first Tokyo Olympics, I can't help but feel the spotlight disappear and the deep darkness take its place." (Kate Courtney, Washington Post, 6.8.21)


Back in Switzerland, I can relate to this statement too well. I have never experienced anything like this. I am someone who always sees the positive & who always focuses on the positive points and looks forward. Now for the first time, I am faced with an overwhelming emotional roller coaster. With the recurring disappointment and unanswered questions and doubts.


Tokyo was my big goal and landmark since 2017. With the qualification I got the chance to do what I love. Climbing and training. I have aligned and adapted my whole life to my passion. I gave myself to the adventure with every single fiber and tried my best. Every hard workout, every setback, and every partial goal achieved was part of a greater whole. It strengthened my confidence, my faith and my motivation. The goal of Tokyo gave me the energy to go the extra mile. When I finally arrived in Tokyo, I felt ready and well prepared. Full of anticipation and gratitude, I went to the start line.


With the 2020 Olympic Games, not only does a chapter in my career come to an end, but a new chapter begins. Even if it leaves me floating in free air in the meantime, new goals are already forming. Since my childhood, I have never been in the position of not having a concrete goal and not having the next adventure already planned. At the same moment that I am struggling with this, I also know that I need this now. A few days where I have time for myself and can process and work through everything. Many people have asked me how things will go on. I myself am racking my brains about what I want, should and can do. Big questions that overwhelm me and I know that I cannot answer them 100% at this moment. The pain and disappointment are still too big and the wound is still too fresh. But I know it's not finished yet!!!


It is the emotions and the stories of the athletes that we love and that captivate us. The courage to put everything on the line and face the risk of failure. But we don't live in a fairy tale and not everyone can have a happy ending. That there can be winners, there also needs to be losers.


"As I navigate my challenges related to this experience, I'm reminded that there are times of struggle and times of triumph - and that you can't always choose when you jump from one to the next." (Kate Courtney)


But you can choose when to get up and move on. You can decide for yourself what to make of it. Because beautiful new works of art can also be created from broken pieces. It starts with a first step. Straighten the crown and raise your head - look ahead.  No one can take this decision away from you. I know my family and friends are there to give me a hand and support! The decision is mine to accept!


My experience has shown, no matter how big a defeat or disappointment is. As soon as you move on, set new goals and have a plan, you look back on the experience with a certain gratitude. These games were not the golden moment for me, but still an incredible experience that I will carry in my heart. All the experiences I've been able to take with me over the years, all the friendships that have been formed and all the incredible training moments. All of that is part of this chapter, part of my journey and my story.


The Olympics were a big mental challenge for me. But now it's time to pursue a new dream - a childhood dream!!! Home World Championships Bern 2023!!!

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